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My courses

Yoga in a small group of 3 o 4 persons

Here you can practice Yoga with a few of people without missing a very individual and attentive teaching and atmosphere

Yoga solo – individualised classes

This means that I will prepare an individual training program on the basis of your needs and possibilities.

I offer

  • courses of individual lessons or
  • single individual lessons with a training program for use at home (for advanced)

Courses and prices

80 €

yoga classes in a small group (3 – 4 persons)
4 lessons of 75 minutes each

This offer is aimed at adults of all ages


360 €

Course of individual lessons 
10 lessons of 75 minutes each
1 or 2 lessons a week

This offer is aimed at adults of all ages.

30 €

Individual trial lesson
Before booking the “Course of individual lessons” I offer you the possibility of a one-time trial lesson.
This gives you the opportunity to get to know me and my lessons.

Your advantage:
If you then book the “Course of individual lessons”, the 30 € paid will be credited (only once).

150 €

Individual prenatal yoga course – yoga during pregnancy
4 lessons of 75 minutes each
1 or 2 lessons a week
In this class the expectant mothers experience a valuable support and backing during pregnancy in order to be strengthened physically and mentally for the changes they have to face during the pregnancy.

My recommendation:
If you decide to take individual prenatal yoga classes, start after the first trimester of pregnancy in order to give your body time to adjust to the physical and hormonal changes.

Conditions of participation

Registration & appointments

  • The registration for the yoga classes has to be in written form, by email, and
  • it is not binding for either party until the corresponding fees are paid.
  • The dates of the weekly or one-time participation will be fixed in advance (before the course starts).

Payment of the fee

  • The respective fee is payable according to the invoice, 7 working days prior to the beginning of the lesson or workshop.
  • Appointments for individual lessons must be cancelled by the participant at least 24 hours in advance if he/she is unable to attend, otherwise it will be considered that the lesson was held.
  • If the yoga teacher is unable to attend, the lesson will be made up for as soon as possible.

Personal responsibility of the participant

  • A medical certificate must be presented if the participant has significant health restrictions.
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